Finnish turkey

Finnish turkey

Länsi-Kalkkuna’s turkey hatchery is located in Jalasjärvi in Southern Ostrobothnia. Länsi-Kalkkuna’s slaughterhouse and cutting plant are in the Satakunta region, in Säkylä.

The majority of Finnish turkeys (99 %) are raised as poultry contract farming for Länsi-Kalkkuna. This means the subcontractor works with the hatchery and slaughterhouse throughout the growing period of the birds and in all matters related to them.

Turkey meat produced by Länsi-Kalkkuna is marketed to consumers under the owners’ brands, i.e. Atria, HK and Kariniemen. Finnish Turkey meat can easily be found by looking for the “Hyvää Suomesta” label printed on the packaging, or by looking for products from the abovementioned brands.

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